Paying for LASIK: HSA and FSA

By Advertiser Vance Thompson Vision

“I can’t afford LASIK; it’s too expensive.”

The cost of LASIK can certainly seem intimidating. But paying for LASIK is easier than you think. LASIK is an investment, one that pays off in many ways. The doctors at Vance Thompson Vision have been instrumental in pioneering LASIK from the beginning. Understanding the evolution of refractive surgery and knowing where things are headed allows the team at Vance Thompson Vision to make the best decision for your individual vision needs.

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The decision to undergo LASIK surgery is one that will impact your life forever. If the center you’re visiting only offers LASIK, you may need a second option. 10-15% of patients interested in LASIK are not ideal candidates but they may be candidates for another procedure such as permanent contact lenses, PRK, SMILE or other implant procedures. It is important to fully evaluate your surgery center to ensure you have a quality procedure with a quality result, as not all centers are the same. The team at Vance Thompson Vision will walk you through the opportunities available to you so that LASIK can be the best investment you make. One of these options is to take advantage of your tax-free flexible savings account (FSA), or health savings account (HSA). Both of these accounts are built on pre-tax dollars, saving you money right away.

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LASIK surgery is one of the eligible medical expenses for your FSA. Only $500 of unused FSA funds can rollover into March of the next year before you lose the benefit, so LASIK surgery is a great use of your funds as the end of the year approaches.


You can also use your HSA to help cover the cost of LASIK. With an HSA, contributions from your employer are excluded from your gross income, and you can claim tax deductions from your personal contributions. Contributions from your HSA roll over each year until they are used, and any interest or other earnings are tax free.

Take advantage of this year’s benefits or start planning for next year before your savings goes away. With additional no-interest financing options, you might find LASIK more affordable than you think.

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