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          Choosing a place for your child to be during the majority of his/her waking hours is a big decision.  Of course, it takes a village to raise a child.  You want your child’s daycare/preschool to have the most caring people, but what else should you be looking for when choosing the right program?  Whether you are looking to move your child to a different daycare/preschool or searching for the first one, here are a few critical areas that parents should take into consideration when choosing the best daycare/preschool for their children:


​Staff interactions are positive with children, parents, and other staff members.  Interactions between staff and children help develop critical thinking skills to help promote readiness and self-care skills.  Staff interact by playing on the floor with children, are warm and responsive, and have healthy doses of one-on-one time.  Staffs are sympathetic to the children's feelings and help each child learn how to interact with other children.


 ​Policies should be in place at any daycare/preschool to help guide the staff to ensure the well-being of the children.  These policies should include such things as safety, health, and guidance procedures.  All policies and procedures should be followed to maintain consistency among staff, parents, and children.  


Any daycare/preschool should include a well-planned, age appropriate curriculum.  A program focused on cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth is most beneficial for growing children.  A curriculum is in place to have a measurable plan and structure for quality education and learning.​  All staff must be qualified and well-trained to help enhance your child's life.​ 


Communication is a huge part of how a child grows up.  Communication between staff members and parents should be open and honest which helps build great relationships to help foster how a child learns and grows within a daycare/preschool.  Real-time updates about your child’s day through a mobile phone application help develop excellent communication between staff and parents.


Diversity of activities enhance your child’s learning including art, theater, music projects, basic gymnastics instruction in addition to field trips and special guests. 

​With a variety of activities, children can help expand their knowledge, build critical thinking skills, and help build healthy habits.​ 


A center that exceeds the rigorous state licensing standards and requirements is the best type to look for. ​  A safe and clean environment for your child to grow and thrive, as well as nutritional snacks.  Feel free to ask the center for their emergency preparedness plan or their past inspection notes and ask questions.​  

The Sioux Falls YMCA​ Child Development Center offers all of these within their programs, plus more, focusing on your whole family, not just the children! Your family would receive a FREE family membership while paying for child care!​

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