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December 11, 2017 12:39 PM

Working To Make Connections Between Students, Parents And The Community

Community members in Dell Rapids are tackling some tough issues. 

The group called Connections was created by school administrators to bridge a gap between their students and parents. 

The group started hosting small events to bring more awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.  Now it's grown to more than just that. 

High school counselor Jennifer Ruesink says the events they do now broaden the discussion about more than just mental health.  

"We have had events that we've held out in the community forum that have dealt with underage drinking. Where it opened up dialogue and conversation between kids and adults of expectations within their family, expectations as a society and how do you protect yourself and keep yourself safe. That is when a lot of parents attended and felt that was good information," Ruesink said. 

Coming up tonight at 10, we'll show you what other events this group has hosted over the past four years and how it's impacting parents and kids in Dell Rapids.  The story is tonight's Eye on KELOLAND.

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