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January 22, 2018 12:57 PM

Teaching In An Ever-Diverse Classroom

Sioux Falls

Thirty-seven percent of Sioux Falls School District students come from a diverse background.

And that number is growing the fastest in the elementary schools. 

The district's commitment to diversity hopes provide an environment that inspires staff and students alike to reach their potential. Assistant Superintendent Jamie Nold says there's room for improvement. 

"We reported a little over a year ago that we were about one percent diversity with our teaching staff, a little bit over that," Nold said. "So we did move that needle a little bit this past year as we hired some more. But we're still not quite there yet at that two-percent mark."

In tonight's Eye on KELOLAND at 10, we'll learn about the district's new initiative and how it plans to bring more diverse teachers and staff to keep up with the changing student population.
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