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May 19, 2017 12:27 PM

Looking At The Future Of Banking Industry In Sioux Falls

You can't miss them as you drive around Sioux Falls. It seems like they are on every corner, and that more and more are popping up.

Banks are as much of a part of Sioux Falls' history as nearly any other institution in town. Just take a look at this view of downtown Sioux Falls, looking west: in one glance you can see a number of different banking facilities.

"As Sioux Falls has grown, the financial services industry has grown, the medical services community has grown, and everything along with it, that's exciting for banks, and so that's why you see banks continuing to grow their presence there," South Dakota Bankers Association President Curt Everson said.

But, in other parts of the country, bank locations are closing. On tonight's Eye on KELOLAND, we'll explore the present and future of banking in Sioux Falls. 

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