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February 19, 2018 12:32 PM

Group Hopes To Encourage More Millennials To Run For State Office

Sioux Falls

You could call it a millennial movement: More young politicians are running for office this year.

That list includes Jeff Hayward in Sioux Falls, and Jessica Olson in Rapid City. Both are petitioning to get on the ballot for the South Dakota House. 

LEAD South Dakota — a group that connects young people to opportunities to vote and run for office — is noticing an increase in young men and women who are interested in politics. Co-founder Carmen Toft says that's a step toward a more diverse legislature. 

"People, instead of trying to make it better, end up leaving. If that's something you're like, 'No, I want to stay here. I want the state to be representative of me and my family and my people,' then I'm going to get involved and do something," Toft said. 

On tonight's Eye on KELOLAND at 10 p.m. CT, we'll sit down with both Hayward and Olson, and hear why these candidates from both sides of the aisle are stepping into the political ring. 

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