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July 17, 2017 12:47 PM

Farmers Looking For Answers After Grain Company Shut Down By State

Drought conditions are plaguing farmers in KELOLAND this year, but that's not the only problem facing some farmers who aren't getting paid for their crops from last year.  

In June, the state's Public Utilities Commission suspended H&I Grain's license to buy grains at its three elevators, including one in DeSmet. Farmers say they had no idea that the grain company, who'd been taking their crops since the 1980s, was in financial trouble. 

"If that's true and it sounds like it is, it's probably going past unfortunate. There's more than just sloppy management," Gary Akkerman said.

Angela Kennecke has uncovered that the company was $2 million in debt to a company involved in financial hedging.  

Coming up on tonight's Eye on KELOLAND investigation Angela shows you what happened to the money that was supposed to go to more than 60 farmers in 6 counties and how that lead to a criminal investigation.
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