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December 05, 2017 07:13 AM

Truck Drivers Concerned About Electronic Tracking Systems

Truck drivers across the country and in KELOLAND are voicing their concerns about electronic-logging devices. 

The equipment tracks a driver's amount of time on the road and will soon become a national mandate. Small trucking companies say the devices are more useful for managing larger fleets.

Kelly Leuthold says he's worried about how the clocks will work when hauling livestock.

"We are about safety. We're on the roads, our families are on the roads just like all of you guys," Leuthold said. "We just want the freedom to do our work. We're out here to work. We're out here to make a living, (to) do our jobs in the name of safety of course."

Rep. Kristi Noem is a co-sponsor with 67 other representatives on a U.S. House bill aimed at extending the deadline by two years. The bill was introduced back in July 2017.
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