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April 14, 2015 05:59 PM

SF School Board Set to Approve Later School Start Date

Sioux Falls, SD

The results of the Sioux Falls School District election are in, and students will start classes after Labor Day for the next three years. The final tally is 52-percent to 48-percent. The Sioux Falls School Board will now move forward, according to the board president.

Kent Alberty said members will meet on Thursday to approve the results. He also said members will eventually have to figure out some other dates, including when the semesters will en and where to put breaks.

Alberty said he would have preferred an earlier start date.

"I have had other parents have called me and they're disappointed and there are people who are excited about this. They got what they wanted. They'll be able to take their vacations, when they want to take them and that's their priority, and I certainly respect that," Alberty said.

Though disappointed, he said the board will do what the voters want.

"I wished that we had the earlier start, but as I said right from the beginning of this, we will deal with what we need to deal with," Alberty said.

Alberty is pleased with the results of the board member elections. Incumbents Kate Parker and Todd Thoelke will keep their seats.

Review election results online.

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