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December 08, 2017 06:03 PM

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Opening Conversation In Congress

It seems like we hear about it every day now: claims of sexual misconduct shaking up the careers of people in the spotlight. 

 Allegations have been launched at well-known TV anchors, big names in Hollywood, and, of course, the people who shape policy in this country. 

A string of politicians have found themselves in headlines lately. 

A significant development this week for people in KELOLAND is the upcoming resignation of Senator Al Franken. 

The Minnesota Democrat is facing allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. 

Former staff members have launched sexual harassment claims at Democratic Representative John Conyers, who's now retiring.

Meanwhile, Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore stands accused of sexual misconduct with teens many years ago.

Even for a political science professor, there are a lot headlines involving lawmakers to keep track of these days. 

"I think it's really interesting that we're seeing so much of this pop up all at once," SDSU Political Science Professor Lisa Hager said. 

Lisa Hager is talking about claims of inappropriate behavior involving lawmakers, something that she says has signaled a shift on Capitol Hill. 

"In the past, most of the issues relating to what I would call ethics a lot of times have focused on issues like campaign finance or trying to stop investigations into certain things," Hager said. 

Instead, the two major parties have both seen their own members caught up in a different issues, but as Hagar points out, politics are also at play. 

"They're both definitely trying to wade through what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace, which happens to be Congress, but also there's politics involved and it's very detrimental to a party to potentially lose a seat so how do we balance these two issues here," Hager said. 

Hager says she thinks we'll be hearing about the issue for awhile, but she hopes it comes to an end soon. 

"The culture in America has changed where they're really realizing that this is a problem and this is something that needs to be dealt with. It's not something that's getting pushed under the rug," Hager said. 

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