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September 26, 2017 06:03 PM

Rep. Noem Supports Trump's Tax Proposal

The Trump administration is shifting its focus away from health care and on to your taxes. On Wednesday, the president will unveil his plan to cut tax rates for both businesses and individuals.

South Dakota's lone Congresswoman was in the room with the president on Tuesday. She says there are a lot of positives for South Dakotans in the president's tax proposal.

85 percent of mothers work outside the home in South Dakota, which is the highest rate in the country. Trump's proposal has tax cuts for child care included.

The tax reform would also get rid of the death tax, which is something Noem has been pushing for.

Noem believes there are plenty of incentives for Democrats to get on board as well.

"You know, one of the things they always talk about is they don't want more tax cuts for the rich. We were focused on making sure the average American and average South Dakotans are getting more money in their pockets to re-invest in their small businesses and families," Noem said. 

Noem says the president's proposal should be discussed in the House Ways and Means Committee next week.

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