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April 05, 2018 06:06 PM

Paul TenHaken Profile

He's not a politician, nor has he ever run for any kind of public office, but that's not stopping Paul TenHaken from running for Sioux Falls mayor. 

We sat down with the Minnesota native, who says if elected his number one priority will be public safety. 
"The desire and the calling to run for mayor is something I've been wrestling with for about three or four years," TenHaken said. 
Paul TenHaken, a businessman and entreprenuer, admits he's no politician and he's okay with that. 

"It feels like there's an appetitie for that, people don't want politicians and politics right now," TenHaken said. 

TenHaken says if he's elected, he won't be shy tackling what he says is Sioux Falls biggest issue right now. 

"Hands down my number one priority will be tackling the narcotics growth in our city; I say that because the numbers I've dug into in the narcotics industry are quite substantial," 

"We've had an 85 percent increase in narcotics cases in the last seven years in our city," TenHaken said. 

TenHaken says if those numbers worry him, they should worry you too. 

"When you tackle that problem and fix that problem it parlays into a reduction in crime, increase workforce lower poverty," TenHaken said. 

TenHaken used to own and operate Click Rain, an internet company in Sioux Falls, but he sold that and is now focused on one thing, getting your vote in April. 

"A bunch of things came together at the right time, with my family with my business with where I was at in my stage in life with some of the experiences I had in the community and the city and a lot of people were saying 'Paul, I think the city is ready for a leader like you,' TenHaken said. 

TenHaken says his other top two priorities will be to address workforce development; targeting millenials in particular and he wants to make city hall more transparent and inclusive. 

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