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April 06, 2018 06:06 PM

Mayoral Candidate Jolene Loetscher

Sioux Falls, SD

She wasn't born in Sioux Falls, but Jolene Loetscher says this city is her future. We talked with the candidate about what she believes that future could look like, if she's elected Sioux Falls Mayor.

"No one has a better track record of how to stop crime than someone who's been boots on the ground like I have," Loetscher said.

Loetscher spent five years as a crime reporter for KELO TV, but she kept that passion for justice long after she left news.

While working as a business owner, Loetscher dedicated time as a citizen advocate to create Jolene's Law.

"It has grown into a 10-year action plan for ending child abuse by the year 2026. Working with our law enforcement. Working with non-profits, and state agencies and local community leaders so that we can protect our children and families," Loetscher said. 

Beyond addressing the rising crime rates in the city, Loetscher is also looking at ways to create a transparent office as mayor. That includes taking the door down at city hall, figuratively and literally.

"It's so much more than that. It's being sure that people can access their mayor in ways that are convenient to them. So we're going to be doing Facebook Live sessions. We will Facebook Live city council meetings. There's no reason that when you have your phone right in front of you, and you want to connect to the decisions being made that you can't do that," Loetscher said. 

Loetscher says the most exciting part of being Sioux Falls' next mayor would be paving a path for future generations. 

"When my little girl gets to be 16, 17, 18, 30 years old this city will offer her and her friends and so many other kids that same possibility," Loetscher said.

Loetscher says she would also like to offer one-page summaries to citizens about what's being done in city hall before they go to the city council. She's working to get to know the council members now.

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