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April 11, 2018 06:09 PM

How Much Per Vote?

There was a lot of money spent in the mayor's race.  Anyone who has ever run for public office will tell you advertising isn't cheap.  As we told you earlier this week close to a half million dollars was spent in this race. 

We wanted to find out who got the most bang for their buck, so we broke down the numbers for you. 

Jim Entenman was the big spender doling out over $234,000 for his campaign.  When you break that amount down, he wound up spending a little over $38 per vote. 

Next was Paul TenHaken who spent over $139,000; that equals just over $12 per vote.

Greg Jamison spent over $63,000 which resulted in $13 per vote. 

You can see the other candidates here.  Kenny Anderson, Jr was $7 and Mike Gunn was $8. 

But Jolene Loetscher, who spent over $39,000, when we broken her numbers she spent only $5 per vote, which is the smallest amount of all the candidates.

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