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September 13, 2017 06:16 PM

'Clear From The Beginning'- Thune Details White House Dinner

Sioux Falls, SD

Turning to national news, Republicans are taking aim at making tax reform a reality. Last night, one member of South Dakota's congressional delegation dined at the White House with the president to talk about it. 

"The president made it very clear from the beginning that the discussion about tax reform needed to center around delivering tax relief, tax cuts to middle-income families," Senator John Thune said.

The president also talked about what could happen to people who make a lot of money.

"The president made it very clear that people in the higher-income categories, because they may get a little bit of rate reduction, but they're also going to lose a lot of the deductions that they have today, probably end up not getting any kind of a tax cut at all," Thune said.

Thune was one of three Republican senators at the meeting.

"I was trying to sort of get a sense of, okay, what do you need in a tax bill," Thune said, referring to the Democrats in attendance. "And most of the Democrats at the table last night made it pretty clear that it does have to be focused on middle-income families." 

He complimented the president's effort.

"I give the president credit for trying and for reaching out," Thune said.

Up next, Thune says, are plans from both the White House and Capitol Hill.

"I think the next step, the president made it pretty clear last night that he and his team are going to be releasing their blueprint hopefully as soon as a couple of weeks," Thune said. "And the House has been working on their version of it, we've been working in the Senate." 

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