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April 11, 2018 06:28 AM

City Clerk Says Vote Counting Went Smoothly

Election workers counted ballots in a new location Tuesday night, the former Minnehaha County Sheriff's office, across the street from the County Administration Building. KELOLAND's Perry Groten was there all night checking how the counting went.

Groten:  City leaders are pleased with how Tuesday night's vote count went.  City Clerk Tom Greco joins us, Tom, what was it like counting ballots in a new building like this?

City Clerk Tom Greco: I think it worked out well.  We rehearsed a lot over here, we kind of had the process down, obviously, it went into effect tonight.  I'm very proud the way it turned out and it was very smooth.

Groten: How does it shape up for the next round of voting?

Greco: We're going to get started right away and we'll be prepared on May 1st.

Groten: The scanning machines worked okay?

Greco: They worked great.  Every now and then we had to go through, blow out some dust, but they counted the ballots like they should and it went very smoothly.

Ballots from this week's election will be officially canvassed at next Tuesday's city council meeting.
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