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May 27, 2018 09:12 AM

Budget Battle Brews As Trump Threatens Another Shutdown


President Donald Trump has warned Congress that he'll never sign another $1 trillion-plus government-wide spending bill like the one he did in March.

His message to lawmakers in both parties is this: Get your act together before the next budget lands on my desk.

After a brief government shutdown earlier this year, lawmakers agree on the need for budgeting day-to-day operations of government by the old-fashioned way. That means weeks of open debate and amendments that empower rank-and-file lawmakers, rather than concentrating power in the hands of a few leaders meeting in secret.

But it's unclear whether Capitol Hill's dysfunction will block that effort.

The worst-case scenario? A government shutdown just a month before Election Day as Republicans and Democrats fight for control of the House and possibly the Senate.

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