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July 17, 2017 05:06 PM

Both Sides Of Lincoln County Wind Farm Vote

It's been all over TV, radio and social media. Now it's the voters turn to share their thoughts on wind farms.

Currently wind turbines need to be about 1,300 feet away from a home.  Wind turbines can be built in any of these areas you see in green. 

Lincoln County Wind turbine maps

A "no" vote would keep it that way. Supporters say wind turbines are environmentally beneficial.

Supporters say the wind farms will add more tax revenue to the county and $10,000 lease payments to landowners who approve the turbines on their property.

A "yes" vote would change the existing ordinance, doubling that distance to more than 2,600 feet.  

Those who support the yes vote say the extra distance is for the safety of residents. They say studies have shown dangerous side-effects, such as injury or illness, to having wind turbines to close to homes.

As far as where you can vote, just go to your regular voting precinct in Lincoln County.

You can also find this week's Inside KELOLAND, where both sides of the wind turbine debate share their arguments.

We'll bring you live reports from the polls Tuesday morning on KELOLAND This Morning.

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