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November 06, 2017 05:59 PM

As Ballot Deadline Passes, A Look At Different Measures

The crucial deadline for groups to turn in signatures for ballot questions passed on Monday.

According to the South Dakota Secretary of State's website
, one measure deals with campaign finance, lobbying, and a government accountability board. The Attorney General's explanation of this constitutional amendment says that "[i]t will likely be challenged on constitutional grounds." 

There is also a ballot measure that would legalize medical marijuana for people who, according to the Attorney General's explanation, suffer from "a debilitating medical condition." Secretary of State Shantel Krebs posted to her Twitter page Monday afternoon that nearly 15,000 signatures were turned in:

There is also an initiated measure which would, according to the Attorney General's explanation, boost the state tax on tobacco products. The measure would create a "tuition reduction and workforce training fund" for the state's four postsecondary tech schools. Money from the tax increase would go into this fund. Krebs posted on her Twitter page at about 11:00 Monday morning that more than 19,000 signatures were turned in for this measure: 
The Secretary of State provided the following list of petitions for ballot questions that it will review. 

Secretary of State ballot questions
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