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January 02, 2018 06:05 PM

Amendment Aims To Fix Government Corruption

Is our state government ethical? The debate continues. After an ethics bill that voters approved in 2016 was repealed by lawmakers last year, new proposals have been made to give state leaders more rules. One of those will be put back into the voters' hands this fall.

In Pierre, there's been a lot of disagreement about what lawmakers can and can't do. From accepting gifts from lobbyists to holding jobs that some believe influence their decision-making, many people are questioning who's being held accountable in the highest offices of the state.

After voters approved one measure to prevent corruption, lawmakers repealed it. Now, a new Constitutional Amendment is being proposed. Amendment W would bring back a lot of the things people already voted on in 2016 with Initiated Measure 22.

There would be a new government accountability board, with people from all walks of life and both sides of the aisle. The current board was appointed by the legislature.

The Amendment would also limit the amount of money lobbyists can donate to campaigns. The limits are based on each level of office. And it would require more people to register as lobbyists.

Now, the decision will likely back to the voters.

The Attorney General's statement on this initiated measure says, "It will likely be challenged on constitutional grounds." 

The deadline to challenge the petition is January 29.

It'll likely be an option your November ballot.

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