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January 10, 2018 06:08 PM

2018 Could Bring Long List Of Ballot Measures

Remember the 2016 election here in South Dakota? All those ballot measures we voted on? Confusing right? Well, 2018 could bring another long list of ballot measures.

It's only the first full day of the legislative session and already lawmakers have introduced 12 bills concerning ballot questions. 

I'm not going to go through every one of them, but I want you to be aware of a few.

Like HB 10-03. It would make campaign finance disclosure reports a little more transparent.  For instance, this bill says any donated good or service should include the same information as any money contribution, like where it came from and how much it's worth.  It should also include a detailed description of what that donated good or service is. 

HB 10-07 would create a citizen committee that would review initiated measures and amendments.  It would be made up of 11 members appointed by the State Board of Elections.  The committee will hold at least one hearing so it can ask questions of the petition sponsor and take public testimony. 

SB 9 would require fiscal notes for certain measures and amendments so the Legislative Research Council can determine if it's going to have any impact.   

SB 12 would require peititon circulators to provide the full text of the ballot measure, so people know exactly what they are signing. 

All these bills came out of a task force that met this past summer.  But Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says there could be even more individual sponsored ones as well.  

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