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July 05, 2001 10:00 PM

Where's Bendo?

We have a missing person to tell you about. Be on the lookout for a man in his mid-thirties, with a dark beard, wearing a white shirt and blue pants... and standing twenty feet tall. It's the mysterious disappearance of a longtime Sioux Falls landmark. People who drive along Cliff Avenue are puzzled and disappointed to see the vacant spot where Mr. Bendo has proudly stood for more than 35 years. The massive muffler mascot hasn't been seen since Tuesday So we began to ask, "Where's Bendo?" Jerry Wallenstein\BUCK'S MUFFLER SHOP\] Mr. Bendo has gone incognito. He's vanished into thin air, pipe and all. You guys seen this man? "Just look for that wire thing he holds out." "Yeah, it's a muffler." "Maybe check the country or something because there's no place in Sioux Falls where you could hide a twenty foot statue like that." "I'm a little worried actually, a big guy like that on the loose you never know where he could be." "Well we have got to find him, he's a Sioux Falls landmark." (Perry asks Statue of David) Excuse me, have you seen this man? Not talking huh? Gee, you wouldn't think he had anything to hide. We're hot on Mr. Bendo's tracks, which lead us to the doorstep of his office. Let's see what management has to say. Jerry Wallenstein of Buck's Muffler said, "Mr. Bendo's visiting his cousin Paul Bunyon, went up to Minnesota for a vacation. Hmmm. We suspect Buck's Muffler Shop is bending the truth about Mr. Bendo with a tall tale. Mr. Bendo isn't expected back on the job for another couple of weeks. So in the meantime, I guess I'll have to do. "That is one lame-oh Mr. Bendo." Everyone's a critic. We did some further digging and found out the real reason for Mr. Bendo's absence. He's in the shop getting a new paint job. He should be reassembled and back in front of Buck's Muffler by the end of the month.

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