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September 14, 2011 01:21 PM

Wednesday Afternoon Business Brief

This has been a day of swings in the stock market once again. The Dow was recently ahead 100 points and the key averages were all ahead 1 percent or more.
  • The leaders of Greece, Germany and France are holding an emergency teleconference, looking for a way out of the region's debt crisis. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says Europe's leaders now understand the severity of the situation and have the ability "to do what it takes to hold this thing together."
  • In North Carolina today, President Barack Obama urged enthusiastic college students to join him in his fight to get Congress to act on his new jobs bill. It was Obama's second campaign-style rally in two days as he pushes for action on his $450 billion jobs plan. It has run into stiff opposition from Republicans and some in his own party.
  • Vice President Joe Biden is starting an effort to fight waste in Medicaid that he says should save taxpayers $2 billion. The program would help states find and recover improper payments made to health care providers under Medicaid, which helps the poor with health care.
  • It is take-off time for Google's new search results for airline tickets, now online. It's the first time Google has extensively deployed the tools it picked up from its $676 million purchase of leading airline fare tracker ITA Software, which drew tough opposition from other online travel services.

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