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October 06, 2001 11:05 PM

Warning Signs Of Abuse

There are some things parents can do to prevent their child from being abused. And there are signs to look for if it does happen. KELOLAND's Andrea Knaeble has more. Child Specialist Kim Overby suggests doing a little research on your child's care giver. Ask about training and education. Find out if they've had stress training and classes on how to take care of an infant. Bumps and bruises could be warning signs of abuse, but others aren't as obvious. Overby said, "What is their behavior when you pick them up? Constantly children showing stress signs, such as irritability, aggression, and withdrawn." Infants tend to cry more, be more irritable and have disturbed sleep patterns if they're having problems at day care. Older children may say they don't want to go back. They may just want to stay home with mom or dad. But it is also an indication you should look into why they don't want to go. Overby also says the most common reason for abuse is setting expectations too high for their development.

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