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September 13, 2011 01:21 PM

Tuesday Afternoon Business Brief

Stocks have risen as the session has continued.
Investors are shaking off worries about Europe's debt crisis, at least for now.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel is rejecting the notion that a Greek bankruptcy would provide a quick solution to the eurozone debt crisis. The possibility was raised yesterday by her deputy, who spooked markets.
  • President Barack Obama is in the home state of House Speaker John Boehner to sell his $447 billion jobs plan. Visiting an Ohio school under renovation, he's promoting a $25 billion spending initiative for school improvements. The new spending is a key component of the jobs bill the president sent to Congress Monday.
  • Beginning tomorrow, Facebook hopes to make it easier to share photos, posts and links with smaller, isolated groups of people, taking a page from Google Plus. While the site has allowed users to separate their friends into lists since 2007, this option took quite a bit of work and only a small fraction of Facebook users took advantage of it.
  • Southwest Airlines says it is focused on boosting earnings after buying rival discount airline AirTran. It is holding off on further expanding its fleet because of the weak economy.