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November 24, 2003 04:43 PM

Snowfall Totals

A solid 4-8 inches of snow covers most of KELOLAND and has made snow lovers pretty happy. But if your feelings on the snow aren't as positive, there are some good things about the precip you need to know about. Just as the fog lifted along the Missouri near Chamberlain, the lingering effects of KELOLAND's first major winter storm are beginning to diminish. It sure adds to the landscape as we head into the holiday season. The snow was light and fluffy in most spots, a prime feature you might associate with a "Christmas snow" That's one reason why it added up to so many inches in Watertown. 11 inches fell there, good news for the Big Sioux River. Although the water content of the snow was less than normal, any snow is good for the rivers and lakes. Other snowfall amounts include 5 inches in Huron, 7.5 in Mitchell, 5.1 in Sioux Falls, and 4 in Madison. Southwest Minnesota saw 4-8 inch amounts, with the high at Ivanhoe and lower amounts near Worthington. Aberdeen and Pierre received 4 inches, while the Black Hills received amounts of 12-17" inches, another big plus for the health of the forests and the winter tourism industry. So while there are a few positives about the snow, the cold air left in the wake of the storm is really hard to take after 60s and 70s last week. Mobridge set a new record low at 10 below zero. That beats the previous low of 9 below set in 1985. With that storm behind us, we don't have anything major looming in the near future. But there may be a few smaller systems to track the next few days.

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