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February 05, 2005 11:06 PM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

Two men and two kids are locked up tonight... and a magic mushroom operation is shut down... thanks to a traffic stop across state lines.

Early this morning, Minnesota troopers pulled over a car carrying thousands of dollars worth of drugs. The driver led them to the North Cliff Avenue neighborhood.

18-year old Cuong Nguyen. He's a student at Washington High School, and police believe he supplied drugs to a lot of kids.

Officers also arrested Carlos Rivas and two juveniles... And brought a lot of evidence into custody.

Early this morning detectives took three to four pounds of marijuana, and over 40 ecstasy tablets from the Sioux Falls home.

Investigators say they also under-covered a magic mushroom operation and found scales and weapons like a taser and brass knuckles. 

The sign on the front of the house says no smoking, but behind the door investigators say they found a thick could of marijuana smoke.

Two doors down, Kathy Walsh had no idea the drugs were being used or sold just a few houses away.

Walsh says, "I'm just in shock I guess I didn't know anything like that was going on, so it's a little freaky I guess."

Sioux Falls teenager John Stricherz says he had a similar reaction. He hasn't known the family very long and says he was in this house yesterday.

Stricherz says,  "I was only in one room upstairs, so I didn't smell anything, no signs came up.

And just a few blocks to the south there's a woman, who fears for her safety and doesn't want her name to be used, says she knew what was going on all along. "I knew what was going on in the back of my head, and I just kept waiting for them to get caught."

This neighbor says there's a lot more traffic in the ally behind the home, than on most Sioux Falls side streets.

She says it's comforting to know the alleged drug dealers are behind bars and temporarily out of her neighborhood.  "It's a big sigh of relief, I knew it was going to be soon."

This isn't the first time that house made the news. A year and a half ago, the garage behind the home was destroyed in a fire. At the time, we also aired an interview with one of the suspects, Cuong Nguyen.

Nguyen and the other suspect are expected to make their first court appearance on the drug charges on Monday.

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