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December 12, 2002 06:00 PM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

An Indiana man carrying home a carload of drug paraphenalia didn't make it through South Dakota. Highway patrol arrested 31-year-old Warren Maynard of Bloomington, Indiana yesterday afternoon. Warren Maynard told troopers he was on his way back from a concert in California. But he brought along a lot more than souvenir t-shirt. It was more like an illegal storefront hidden in his car. Warren Maynard's trip down Interstate 90 was supposed to end in Indiana. But yesterday afternoon a trooper pulled him over in Minnehaha county for driving outside his lane. Then he looked in Maynard's car. Lt. Kevin Joffer says, "Through that search there was a small amount of marijuana found." And a large amount of drug paraphenalia....235 glass pipes of all shapes and sizes. Worth thousands on the street. Joffer says, "Normally when officers run into those types of arrests they run into drug paraphenalia. But to run into it in this amount is extraordinary, especially our experience here in South Dakota." Because there are so many pipes, packed with care in padding, troopers concluded Maynard planned to sell them. So instead of paying a fine, he's now facing a felony. "It can be prison time in the state prison." Lieutenant Joffer says this latest drug bust is just one more example of the growing pipeline of drugs running through KELOLAND. He says, "We've seen through our statistics that I-90 has been transporting large amounts of drugs as far as marijuana is what we've seen most of." December is 3-D month for the South Dakota highway patrol. They're focusing on drugs, drinking and driving and will increase their sobriety checkpoints throughout the state.

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