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February 07, 2005 05:52 PM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

Early Saturday morning, Minnesota troopers stopped a car carrying up to $10,000 worth of marijuana. Narcotics officers set up a sting in Sioux Falls on North Cliff Avenue before the sun rose. In the process they caught Washington senior Cuong Nguyen, 24-year-old Carlos Rivas and two minors, with marijuana, mushrooms, and much more.

Sioux Falls detectives say they've found a huge drug dealer for kids, along with some of the most potent marijuana in the world.

It did not take Carlos Rivas long to see our KELOLAND cameras as he made his way to court. As soon as he did, he pretended to light up and then go into a coughing fit. By that behavior you would not realize that Rivas and 18-year-old Cuong Nguyen face years, even decades, behind bars.

Nguyen, who's two credits shy of graduating from Washington High School, is accused of giving ecstasy (pictured below) with either a dancer, star, or apple on it, to a 17-year-old girl who lived near by. All together, officers say they found 43 of the tiny X pills.

drugs 2

Then there's the long taser, a digital scale, and about two pounds of marijuana. But not just any type that Nguyen allegedly sold to kids, it's B.C. Bud, some of the strongest in the world. Investigators also uncovered hallucinogenic mushrooms in the home where Nguyen lives with his family and Rivas.

drug 1

Loren McManus, Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer,says, "I don't think it was a significant amount. But there was a plastic container that appeared to be a grow operation for mushrooms."

Nguyen's family, including his mother, came to court, but said they did not know what was going on and did not want to comment any more.

If Nguyen posts bond, at least $1,000, he must live with his mom, follow her rules, and go to school but not contact anyone under 18.

The person caught by the Minnesota troopers driving the drugs to Sioux Falls is now facing charges there. Officials are not releasing that name yet.

Nguyen just 18 on December 31st, as a juvenile he got in trouble once for marijuana. Rivas' criminal history is longer. Last year Lincoln County found him guilty of having marijuana. He's also been convicted of burglary and being a fugitive from justice.