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July 26, 2004 05:50 PM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

Two suspected drug dealers are in jail tonight after a weekend arrest that netted drugs like LSD, Special K and meth.

Forty-year-old Ricklyn Dawson of Spirit Lake, Iowa, and twenty-four-year-old Benjamin Carrell of Sioux Falls are charged with possessing and planning to distribute the drugs. The drug bust started when a driver became suspicious of another car on the road just west of Sioux Falls at Benson Road and Lamesa. Someone spotted a van along the side of the road, parked without its headlights on. When investigators got here, the driver took off. Police followed him east along Benson Road

They pulled him over a mile away at Benson and Marion. Inside the van, officers found a pipe that tested positive for meth. Then they arrested the driver, forty-year-old Ricklyn Dawson. After that, investigators went back to where it all started and found one more suspect. Along this road, next to a corn field, was twenty-four-year-old Benjamin Carrell, carrying two duffel bags.

Inside were two tanks of anhydrous ammonia, an ingredient used to make meth. Officers vented the tanks, so they won't be dangerous anymore and can't be used by anyone else. From there, investigators took a closer look at the van they think housed the mobile lab.

They found not just meth, but also suspected LSD and ketamine, an animal tranquilizer called Special K. They're two dangerous drugs not commonly found in South Dakota.

Investigators are also looking into a possible connection between the ketamine drug and several break-ins at veterinarians between Sioux Falls and Winner.


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