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October 28, 2004 06:33 AM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

A police raid on a suspected meth lab has lead to the arrest of two people. The drug bust took place Wednesday afternoon, in the northeast part of Sioux Falls, at the corner of Walnut Street and North St. Paul.

Authorities had been watching the home for the past couple of months after receiving tips calls from neighbors. People could smell odors of chemicals.

To say that they were dealing at this point I don't want to get into that, it does look like they had all the components for a meth lab," said Dave Kull of the Sioux Falls Police Department.

“With the kind of traffic that has gone back and forth, there seems to be a lot of police activity down that way and it doesn't surprise me," said Laurel Timmerman.”

Police arrested 39-year-old Theresa M. Brown and 44-year-old Steven Michael Fleming.

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