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June 26, 2002 06:05 PM

Sioux Falls Drug Bust

The chain could be broken after a big bust in Sioux Falls. Police say they've arrested two drug dealers and found more than $10,000 dollars of drugs. In May, it started with a crime stoppers tip. Then working with Worthington, Minnesota police, authorities eventually arrested 44-year-old Marcos Salamanca and 38-year-old Walter Gonzalez. Police say they could be at the top of some of Sioux Falls' biggest drug deals. There isn't a price tag, but a lot of police tags on the half pound of meth and ounce of cocaine police seized. Lt. Doug Barthel, Sioux Falls Police Department, says, "Street value of the drugs would be easily over $10,000." A state attorney says the men participated in several buys with undercover officers, one sale for $1,800. Barthel says, "They're dealing in large enough quantity, they're the top of the chain from this area. Odds are these drugs are coming from outside of the city." Tuesday in Walter Gonzalez's home, police found $6,000 cash. At the apartment building where Marcos Salamanca lives, they seized the drugs. Where Marcos Salamanca lives is just blocks from where he went, to the Minnehaha County Jail. Sandy DeWitte says, "That's pretty bold." Sandy DeWitte works near Salamanca's apartment. She says, "Any time they're able to get a grip on that type of activity, I really appreciate it. There's too much of it going on." Barthel says, "To have this quantity is substantial, it's nice to have these people off the streets." Both men are charged with possessing a controlled substance and selling drugs near a school. Police say there may be more arrests as they continue the investigation.

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