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October 31, 2011 05:48 PM

Prescription Pill Lock Boxes Not So Secure

Sioux Falls, SD

A tool advertised to keep your prescription drugs safe and out of the hands of teens is off the market because some say it doesn't work.

The RX Locker claimed to keep powerful prescription drugs secure, but the product endorsed by popular TV doctor Dr. Drew Pinsky does not offer the protection promised.

"Close it, lock it up, there's a combination lock, three-wheel combination lock, ostensibly this is secure. It's not secure. This is another example of a piece of garbage," security expert Marc Tobias said as he demonstrated the defects with the RX Locker.

Tobias is a Sioux Falls attorney and also a security consultant who tests locks around the world.

"We deal with locks for the White House, the Pentagon, the Royal Family in England," Tobias said.

Tobias discovered problems with the RX Locker after a recent run to the drug store in Sioux Falls. The product can be easily opened without the combination by simply applying pressure to the latch.

The RX Locker is sold for just $15 at major retailers like Walgreen's and CVS pharmacy.

In a statement sent to KELOLAND News last week. Kevin Tussy, the Henderson, Nevada, inventor of the RX Locker, said; "It is important for all parents to understand that the Rx Locker is only a deterrent designed to send a message. It puts another step between kids and drugs, but it is not a replacement for adult supervision."

The inventor says Tobias' complaint is the only one he's received about the product and any problem with the locks will be looked into. Tobias says there is a clear problem and parents need to know.

"If you've got teenage kids, then I'd be concerned about drug abuse because a lot of them are abusing prescription medications, especially narcotics. So be warned," Tobias said.

On Monday, Tussy said he pulled the product because of the concerns brought up by Tobias.

Tussy suggests on his website that everyone who has his product test the lock by pressing firmly on the latch with the combination scrambled.  If it pops open, then the lock is defective.

Tussy says anyone with a defective lock should send it back to the address below for a full refund.

Rx Locker
9065. S. Pecos Rd STE 260

Tussy is telling retailers to take the RX Locker off their shelves immediately.

You can read more on the prescription drug lock box analysis Tobias conducted online.


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