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July 08, 1999 12:00 AM

Missing Woman

The weather is holding back a search for a missing Campbell County woman. 80-year old Leona Naasz has been missing since Tuesday, but winds and clouds are keeping a search plane on the ground. KELO-LAND's Erin Payne shows us the hunt for the missing woman. Leona Naasz has a simple life, spending most of it alone on the family farm. "She's always been very home-oriented," says her son Ron. He came from Jamestown, North Dakota. But the 80-year old woman hasn't been back for two days, and that has family and police combing the county. "Flew over the whole area. Checked everywhere we could see, along the roads, the sloughs, ditches," says her son Ron, after a stint that covered 500 miles of ground. Naasz traveled to Eureka Tuesday afternoon where she loaded up on groceries and gas, and got some cash at the bank. She was last seen driving down this road, by a gravel pit. But she never made it to her daughter's house and that has her family worried. "She was very cautious. She wouldn't drive more than 45 miles per hour," says her son. And Naasz only traveled to certain towns, and took the same main roads every time. The break in the routine seems strange. "We're kind of at our wits end." Naasz has high blood pressure, but no other health problems. She is driving a light blue Ford Escort, license plate number 16A1339. If you have information, call the Campbell County sheriff at 955-3355.