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October 17, 2003 05:46 PM

Meth Bust

In many drug busts, it's neighbors who suspect something and call police. But last night, a Sioux Falls man found himself in very precarious situation when drug agents came knocking on his door in east central Sioux Falls. Mike Larson got quite a surprise last night when police began arresting his neighbors next door. But he was even more shocked when agents questioned him about his involvement in an alleged methamphetamine ring. Police arrested Teresa Augustus last night at her house on east 6th Street. She is one of eight people suspected of using meth and maintaining a drug house. Mike Larson lives next door and says Augustus was always friendly to him. But police say Augustus and her other friends tricked Larson into letting them use his home and phone on a regular basis. Larson said, "I don't know whether they couldn't afford one or couldn't get one because of credit or whatever." Larson says he thought he was just helping them out. After all he found them the place. "They were living in an apartment on east 10th they were paying like $700 dollars a month, hey why not save yourself some money, get into the house, basement, everything." Did you ever see any dope or drugs? "Never I have never seen any drugs in my house and there will never be any," said Larson. "If I'd seen it, they would have known it downtown." Larson said he's known his neighbors for about a year and a half and considered them friends, so when they were arrested for drugs, he was more than shocked. "I'm hurt if Teresa was actually using drugs, yes I'm hurt, because she's told me a number of times she wasn't." Police say Larson is not involved in the case. 40-year-old Dawn Gomez and 45-year-old Curtis Morin were also arrested on East 6th. The other suspects are 44-year-old Christine Thompson, and 42-year-old Carrie Thompson. Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Rose, 28-year old John Block and 41-year-old Michael Gruhlke were also arrested.

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