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June 20, 2003 11:58 AM

Meth Bust

A southwest Minnesota man is behind bars this noon for making meth in his home. Authorities discovered the lab after a confidential informant led them to 50 year old Marvin James Kolsrud's home. After getting a search warrant from a Rock County judge, officials went into Kolsrud's home last night and found several containers of meth in different stages. The sheriff's not sure at this point in time if Kolsrud was selling it to others or making it for himself, but says he's glad the meth lab is out of business. Sheriff Mike Winkels says, "As far as the actual meth, I know how much, there's enough for a felony charge, but the process, what's left here and the residue that's left over, it's been going on for awhile. Winkels says they did get a no knock search warrant from the judge. And what that means is they didn't have to let Kolsrud know they were coming into his house. The reason the judge issued a no knock search warrant was because there were weapons in the home. We'll have more details of this case and we'll talk to a neighbor who's seen a lot of traffic going in and out Kolsrud's home later today on KELOLAND News.