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August 20, 2010 05:52 PM

Highway Patrol On Lookout For Drunk Drivers

Sioux Falls, SD

Drunk drivers beware.  The South Dakota Highway Patrol along with other law enforcement agencies will be upping their drunk driving enforcement Friday through Labor Day.

It's all part of the national "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" campaign.

“It draws attention to the problems that law enforcement continue to face on drinking and driving, and also draws attention to the people that are killed in fatal accidents as the result of drunk drivers,” Highway Patrol Captain Kevin Joffer said.

During the crack down, drivers can expect increased sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols statewide.

“If you're going to go out and drink or you're going to celebrate something that has happened that is an eventful thing in your life, just remember that you don't have to drive,” Joffer said.

And if you do, Joffer says troopers will be there to take you off the road. But he says the campaign isn't just about making arrests; it's about keeping the highways safe.

“I believe that what we continue to do is making a difference on the highway, even though we do have high profile events from time to time, the tragic crashes,” Joffer said.

Because he says checkpoints and saturation patrols not only catch drunk drivers, they also discourage people from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

“The decision to drink and drive could be your final decision,” Joffer said.

While Joffer knows that law enforcement will not be able to stop every drunk driver, he believes the increased patrols will make a difference.

Joffer says some troopers are trained drug recognition officers so they can also tell if someone is under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

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