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January 31, 2011 06:26 AM

Final Group Of Augie Students Leaves Egypt

sioux falls, sd

The last group of Augustana students and staff stranded in Cairo are on the way home. 
Augustana officials say the group left Egypt Monday morning.

The group had been on a band tour in Egypt for 20 days. They were supposed to leave Saturday but the protests in Cairo put a stop to that. Students were safe in a hotel away from the riots.

The last group should be on European soil by Monday afternoon. After an overnight stay in Amsterdam, they'll fly to Minneapolis on two separate flights before going on to Sioux Falls.

A separate group flew from Cairo to Amsterdam Sunday. The will begin arriving at noon in Minneapolis and be back in Sioux Falls sometime Monday evening, weather permitting.

The school is posting updates on the band on the Augustana College website.

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