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November 07, 2007 05:50 PM

Court Papers Detail Murder Investigation

The court affidavits filed in the case against Ken Huber confirm many of the rumors floating around Highmore about Huber's affairs. 

They also outline the 911 call and testimony of the Huber's two young daughters ages 11 and 12. They paint a disturbing picture of a murder that investigators say was motivated by greed. 

Eleven-year-old Stephanie Huber told investigators it was her habit to go into her parent’s room and watch TV and fall asleep. 

And that's what she did on the night of October 28. She says her parents weren't fighting. Stephanie was lying close to her mother with her hand near her mother's head. 

Stephanie says it wasn't unusual for guns to be in her parent’s bedroom. And that night she saw one on the nightstand. Just before she fell asleep, she remembers seeing her dad pick up the gun. The next thing she knew, she heard the shot. 

Stephanie reported that her dad yelled, "It was an accident. I would never do anything to hurt your mom. Make sure to tell the people who would ask you questions about that." 

Ken called 911. During the emergency call he tells his girls to dial Jennifer. 

That's Jennifer Lowrie the Hyde County State's Attorney. Lowrie got to the scene before any other emergency 
personnel and found Ken, an EMT, aiding Pam Huber's breathing and saying, "Breathe baby, it is going to be OK." 

Later Lowrie admitted to investigators she was having a sexual relationship with Ken Huber. She told them she thought Pam knew because they had "several talks," in which Lowrie says Pam told her she would be a good stepmother for the kids. 

She says the Hubers were talking about divorce. 

And it appears this wasn't Huber's only affair. Lowrie represented Ken when he was served a restraining order while police chief of Miller. The husband of a man Huber allegedly was having an affair with took out the restraining order. But with Lowrie's help Huber was able to keep his job. 

Investigators also have evidence Ken Huber had a relationship with a third woman in 2004 and that Pam knew about it.
Pam's grown son Jeremy paints an unflattering picture of Huber. Jeremy says Ken was violent toward him and his mother; that he was controlling and upset with Pam over financial issues.

In his last conversation with his mother, Pam told him she couldn't come to her grandchild's birthday party because money was tight. 

While Ken Huber was currently unemployed, he owned a boat, a couple of sports cars, a Harley, a snowmobile and four-wheel drive pickup and motor home, which he could all lose in a divorce. 

Huber had 40-fire arms in the house.

Huber had been a police officer since 1990 and was a firearms instructor. He had more than a thousand hours of weapons training and had taken two "Glock armors" courses. The Glock handgun that killed Pam Huber had three safetys.

Affidavit In Support Of Probable Cause

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