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April 26, 2011 09:50 PM

Coupon Craze Continues

Sioux Falls, SD

Coupons are on the rise.  More are being offered than ever before and more people are cashing in on the savings.

Whether you clip them or print them, coupons are everywhere. Dale Hannasch owns Mailbox Mony, which sends coupons to the consumer via direct mail, says these days people expect coupons.

"They have so much to spend for groceries, so much to spend for this or that.  So if they can save 10 to five percent at the end of the year that can be a huge savings for them," Hannasch said.

The average family can save a thousand dollars a year by spending 20 minutes a week gathering coupons from all sources with some 3.3 billion coupons used.

"It not only brings them into the store to use the coupon, but while they're there, they tend to spend more money. It helps the business and person because they get a better deal," Hannasch said

Hannasch's direct mail coupons give businesses a chance to reach more households.

"A lot of businesses can't afford to do a direct mail program themselves, it's pretty expensive, to mail to 10,000 homes, whereas collectively a bunch of businesses can," Hannasch said.

People from all income levels are using coupons.

"We send it out to everybody; we don't look as demographics. Every household gets it. So we do see it comes from every area; even high end people you wouldn't think would use coupons.  When I talk to business people, those are the people that actually use them as much as other side of the fence," Hannasch said.

While there's plenty of competition in the coupon business from group deals to emails, Hannasch says everyone has a mailbox.  When they find coupons inside, people use them.

"Definitely, in the last couple of years, a lot more people are looking when they get it in the mail, they are excited to get it," Hannasch said.

Mailbox Mony is sent out to thousands of households in a dozen communities. If you didn't get the coupons, you can also find them online.

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