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November 23, 2010 05:03 PM

Community Responds To Turkey SOS

Sioux Falls, SD

With less than a week before Thanksgiving, the Sioux Falls Food Pantry was getting anxious about not having enough Turkeys for the holidays.
But the community responded, and that anxiety has been replaced by plenty of thanks.

Last week when the word went out for holiday turkeys here at the Sioux Falls Food Pantry, the freezers were basically empty. But after one weekend, look what's here today. Three days after sending out an SOS for turkeys, the freezer at the food pantry is overflowing with holiday cheer.

"People in Sioux Falls did well," Sioux Falls Food Pantry Director Dick Baird said.

Their goal was to collect 400 frozen birds for Thanksgiving, which didn't seem possible last Friday.

"We didn't have any turkeys, really.  The people of Sioux Falls are really, really giving people, I think it just took getting the word out," Baird said.

Frozen turkeys started flying in shortly after, enough for everyone who visits the pantry this week.

"It can be as many as 50 or 60 a day," Baird said.

That adds up to hundreds people who are now thankful for their traditional Thanksgiving feast, thanks to the generosity of strangers.

"We had a response that was just unbelievable and we really appreciate it and thank everyone," Baird said.

Even though the Food Pantry collected enough turkeys for Thanksgiving, they are still accepting donations for the Christmas holiday, too.

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