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May 12, 2009 05:10 PM

Cancer Clinical Trials

Finding the latest and greatest cancer treatments may be right under your nose. Sometimes all it takes is asking the right questions.

There are many clinical trials happening across the country and right here in KELOLAND. But knowing which one is right for you starts with a conversation with your physician.

Clinical trials have become a standard part of cancer care. Patients can often find better treatments, new and safer medications, and more appropriate doses to treat and beat the disease. Clinical trials also give doctors the opportunity to learn more about live-saving therapies that can help future cancer patients.

“I would encourage every patient who comes to our doors or any doors of cancer treatment to ask the questions about are there any new treatments, 'Am I a good candidate for the clinical trials?'" Sanford Oncologist Dr Miroslaw Mazurczak said.

Sanford Health is currently looking for participants to take part in clinical research, for patients with a number of different cancers.

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