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December 04, 2017 10:20 PM

YMCA Discontinuing Adult and Family Memberships

Weight lifting, cardio, group exercises and other fitness activities are all being discontinued at the YMCA in Sioux Falls -- at least for adults. 

The CEO of the YMCA announced the Downtown facility will be shifting to serve more children by re-purposing the areas for youth activities. 

The organization will no longer offer traditional adult and family memberships after Dec. 17 but kids of all ages will be able to keep going back. 

The YMCA has always been a place for kids and with added on fitness memberships for adults and families, the YMCA has become a place for everyone...until now.
The organization is returning to its roots by only having activities for children.

"We did a community need assessment last year and what we found was the real need in Sioux Falls, that were identified by the respondents, were around youth programs," said Erik Tucker, CEO. 

After Dec. 17, the YMCA will no longer have traditional adult and family memberships. 

"We looked around and realized, 'wow, there are a lot of health clubs in Sioux Falls.' Those needs are certainly being met for adults at other locations," said Tucker. 

Walley Wallenberg has been coming to the YMCA since the 80's. 

"It was a country club for me and that's the part I'm going to miss, is the friendships that I've cultivated that I may or may not be able to keep," said Wallenberg. 

Wallenberg says he was disappointed when he found out about the membership change but understands why they did it. 

"Hopefully the Y made a wise decision with re-purposing the gym and hopefully this will put them on financial stability and be something better for the kids," said Wallenberg.

That's exactly why the board of directors voted to go back to just youth programs.

"It's really all about the kids and the thing that we're most excited about, we partnered with United Way to ensure every child gets a free membership to the Y and that's new for us," said Tucker. 

Members won't be totally left out either. 

"Our members have been invited to utilize a trial membership pass that Sanford Wellness is going to give them," said Tucker. 

Memberships will automatically be cancelled and the new youth center will open 12/18. 

After the memberships are done, there will be a basic membership available for those who want to play racquetball and basketball, as well as use the sauna. 

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