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September 20, 2017 10:03 PM

'Women On The Prairie Conference' Coming To Aberdeen

Sioux Falls, SD

On Saturday, the "Women on the Prairie Conference" will be at Presentation Convent in Aberdeen. Sister Mary Thomas of Sioux Falls says it will be a chance for women to feel support. 

"Women are very much taking care of others, and so this would be an opportunity to nurture them and support them and to help them replenish their own batteries, so to speak," Thomas said.

Motivational speaker Dee Dee Raap will talk. Today KELOLAND News heard a little preview of what's coming this weekend.

"The first hour, we're going to be talking and laughing a lot about what love really is and what it does for us. And then we get to eat some wonderful food," Raap said. "And then we'll come back for about a 45 minute session with me yet, and then a closing prayer."

Registration costs $15, but scholarships are offered.

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