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March 13, 2018 06:05 PM

Woman Pleads Guilty to Inappropriate Contact With A Minor

A former group home employee admits to having sexual contact with at least one of the teens in her care.

But as KELOLAND News discovered, new court papers suggest the Huron woman may have had additional victims. KELOLAND News received a copy of the plea agreement. 

27-year-old Lena Parker worked at Our Home, an organization that helps troubled kids. She was fired last March, not long after court papers say a 15 year old client told an investigator that Parker had been giving him inappropriate notes and allowed him to touch her breast. 

Tuesday, nearly one year later Parker entered a guilty plea.  By admitting to sexual contact with a child, she could face up to 15 years in prison.

As part of the agreement, she will not face any additional charges for incidents that happened at Our Home. Unlike other documents, the agreement lists the initials of 2 victims.  It also includes the word others. 

Another thing worth noting, this case has moved quickly through the courts.  A complaint was filed on Thursday, and Parker entered a guilty plea today, less than a week later. 

The Division of Criminal Investigation interviewed the victim more than a year ago, and an investigator spoke with Parker in June of last year. The affidavit which includes those interviews, wasn't filed until last week.


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