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November 13, 2017 10:04 PM

Widow Angry Over Transfer

One of the three inmates convicted in the murder of correctional officer Ron "RJ" Johnson has been transferred out of state.  Johnson's widow, Lynette, is angry because she says she wasn't notified of the transfer until several days after it happened, but that's not the only reason she's mad.

Michael Nordman, who is serving a life sentence, is the inmate who supplied Rodney Berget and Eric Robert with the bubble wrap and pipe used to kill Johnson back in 2011 during a failed prison escape

Johnson's widow, who lost a wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Corrections, is angry.

Lynette says she was told by warden Darren Young when Nordman was sentenced for his part in the crime, he would be placed in administrative segregation.

"He promised me as long as he was warden at this penitentiary that Michael Nordman would never leave administrative segregation, rest assured, he'll never get out of administrative segregation, as long as I'm warden here," Johnson said. 

She's also upset because she wasn't notified for five days that Nordman had been transferred to North Dakota.  

"He told me it was for the safety of the officers and inmates that he needed to be transferred," Johnson said. 

But that move reportedly is allowing Nordman, who's already had a hand in the killing of one officer, to interact with others.  

"With those inmates and those correctional officers now in danger with him back in general population," Johnson said. 

KELO News reached out to the Department of Corrections for comment and got this statement from the Secretary of Corrections, Denny  Kaemingk.

"For security reasons, no one is informed before an inmate is transferred to another facility.  The Department of Corrections has the authority to transfer an inmate to another institution, including an institution in another state.  In this particular case, due to a technical failure by the Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) system, the victim’s family was not notified according to the usual process.  Once this was discovered, DOC notified Mrs. Johnson of the transfer."

KELOLAND News also called the North Dakota State Penitentiary and was told it hasn't been determined yet where Nordman will be housed, because he's currently in orientation which lasts about a month. 

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