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May 11, 2018 06:06 PM

What Trees Should You Plant In Your Yard?

Sioux Falls

It's the story a lot of people in KELOLAND are talking about this week: emerald ash borer found in northern Sioux Falls. 

Heath Zeigler says it pretty well. 

"It's been a real popular subject coming up the past couple of days," Heath Zeigler said. 

Zeigler is the nursery manager at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse and Garden Center on East 26th Street. 

If you have ash trees in your yard, and you want to eventually swap them out for something else, you have options, like the elm tree that is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.

"It's going to get a little bigger than the old ash trees, but it should easily take the place," Zeigler said. 

Or perhaps the Linden is more your style. 

"This one may also have a little yellow flower on it so that will give you something nice too," Zeigler said. 

Meanwhile, the Autumn Blaze maple tree will be festive in the fall, although he does caution this tree already seems to be a popular replacement for ash trees. 

Whatever you decide to plant...

"Variety is kind of the key thing. Go ahead and get a few different things rather than just stick with one species," Zeigler said. 

That way you won't be putting all of your trees at risk if another bug or disease targets a certain species in the future. 

However, Zeigler says you should not give up on your ash trees yet.

He says he would give treatment a try first. 

If you're wondering if your trees are infected or what you can do to protect them, visit this website. 

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