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October 11, 2017 10:04 PM

Treating Fleas: Don't Kill Your Pet

Lola is getting a clean bill of health at Sioux Nation Animal Clinic today, but lately not all pets have been so lucky. 

"Oh it was awful," pet owner Tricia Schaefer said. 

Tricia Schaefer is talking about her battle with fleas.  

"All of a sudden I felt something jump on me and I looked down and it jumped off me, there's damn fleas jumping around in my house," Schaefer said. 

Now she's treating her dog Rosie and cat Babe with a good flea and tick product.  

Sadly, some pet owners make a common mistake after shampooing their pets.   

"So what happens is then with a new flea, egg and larvae hatch; they hop onto the dog, so the clients think the flea and tick product isn't working properly, so let's medicate with some more," McIntyre said. 

That over use can kill your pet.  Veterinarian Mike McIntyre has already seen three such cases this fall. 

"They were shampooing the dogs with excessive doses of the flea and tick medication and they were putting on other flea and tick meds over the counter," McIntyre said. 

McIntyre says the best thing to do is follow the directions, clean your home and be patient, because fleas don't go away that easy.  

"It takes you approximately three months to kill every flea egg, larvae out of the house," McIntyre said. 

Something Schaefer already knows. 

"Otherwise you're going to have them in your home, everywhere," Schaefer said.  "It's disgusting, it is." 

For a list of other things you can do to get rid of fleas, click here


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