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February 19, 2018 02:40 PM

Todd County Ranch Worker Faces Federal Charges

A Todd County ranch worker is accused of stealing $500,000 from his employer. 

According to federal court papers, he's not the only one cashing in on the alleged crimes.

Mark O'Leary started the job in 2011.  According to federal court papers, it wasn't long before he began demanding blank checks to pay for ranching expenses. 

He's accused of writing out more than 500-checks in five years.

Court papers say all together the checks totaled nearly $1 million. Half of that money went into O'Leary's own accounts.  He also wrote out checks to friends, a pawn shop and other businesses.

O'Leary and a woman, who allegedly received more than $64,000, are both charged with federal wire fraud.

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