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September 21, 2017 05:00 PM

The Golden Ticket To Garth

Sioux Falls, SD

You probably know his name because he's the singer for a popular band in KELOLAND.  Only this week, the front man of Kory and the Fireflies is creating a buzz for a different reason. 

Like many in KELOLAND, Kory Van Sickle joined the crowd and went to a Garth Brooks concert this past weekend in Sioux Falls. 

"It's a great show. I can see why so many people have connected," Van Sickle said. 

Now, he wants someone else to have that experience, too.  And he has the golden ticket, or tickets, to do it. 

"I thought instead of putting them up for sale, maybe we'd just gift them to somebody that deserves a good time," Van Sickle said. 

Van Sickle is advertising his two extra Garth Brooks tickets on his Facebook page. Only the tickets won't go to just anyone. 

"If you've been affected by breast cancer and the good people at Edith Sanford have helped you out and you love music, send me a note," Van Sickle said.  

Just leave your story in the comment section of his Facebook post on his personal page. 

The post is already taking off, with hundreds of reactions and a lot of comments and shares. 

"It's great that there are a lot of people who have reacted to it; unfortunate that so many people are touched by it," Van Sickle said. 

Now, one of those people and a companion will get a special night out, thanks to Van Sickle and his golden tickets. 

"I thought, 'You know what? Let's find a way to do something good with them.' That's all it is," Van Sickle said. 

The tickets are for the Sunday evening show.  

The winner and a guest will get to watch Garth Brooks from the center of the floor in row six.   

He plans on drawing a name and announcing the winner at noon on Saturday. 

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