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November 27, 2017 06:55 PM

The Barrel House Donates $92,000

A Sioux Falls restaurant is giving back in a big way by helping feed young children in the Sioux Falls School District. 

The Barrel House held a huge fundraiser in October and just moments ago, its owner and head chef made a large donation to make sure every kid in school has something to eat.  
Mark Fonder and Jesse Severson of the Barrel House handed over a check totaling more than $92 thousand dollars to the Sioux Falls School District at its weekly meeting tonight. 

The two have been raising funds for various school districts by donating 10% of all their receipts from the first Monday of every month.  But this past year, they decided they could do better. 

They organized the Hungry Hearts Foundation and held a big fundraiser with food and a silent auction to raise money for the Sioux Falls School District's reduced school lunch program.  They weren't expecting this kind of response. 

"No it was unbelievable the support we had from the community and the other businesses that actually stepped up to help," Fonder said. 

Jesse Severson knows all about the district's reduced school lunches. He says he grew up on them.

It's a cause and a career he's passionate about.

"People come to our restaurant all day and all night long to eat, we need to make sure the kids at school are eating too," Severson said.  

And that's feeding the souls and hearts of a lot of people, including the owner's. 

"I have a soft heart for kids especially a lot of kids in need, you know they struggle," Fonder said.  

Because they were able to raise way more money than they needed, they are donating $10,000 of it to help supply kids in need with winter clothing items.

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