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January 07, 2014 10:10 PM

T. Denny Sanford's Giving History Grows

Sioux Falls, SD

The latest gift from T. Denny Sanford just adds to the long list of philanthropic gifts the business man has given over the years.

His donations to organizations in South Dakota and across the country place him as one of the most charitable philanthropists in the country.

In South Dakota, T. Denny Sanford is probably best known for his donations to the medical community.

This began in 2004 with a $16 million gift to start the Sanford Children's Hospital.

Three years later, in 2007, Sanford gave his single largest gift ever, $400 million to the Sioux Valley Hospitals and Health System, which is now known as Sanford Health Systems.

According to Forbes Magazine, Sanford ranks 33rd of the 50 Biggest Givers of 2012, handing out $49.2 million that year. 

In his lifetime, Sanford has donated about one billion dollars of his own money. More than $800 million of that was in the last four years.

Though many of his gifts have gone towards medical research, Sanford is also known for academic support. Some of that includes donations to the University of South Dakota, the Beacom School of Business and $100 million to the University of California at San Diego.

His donation to San Diego put him on the map for last year as the 13th largest donation from one person to an organization in 2013.

About a decade ago, he tried to give a $35 million donation to the University of Minnesota for a new football stadium, but was turned down after reportedly wanting too much control over the project. However, they did accept $6 million for the completion of their new athletic stadium.

After this disagreement, Sanford focused more on projects in South Dakota, like the Homestake Underground Mine in Lead and two $4.5 million donations promised to the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills.

With the recent donation to Sanford Health to kick-off 2014, he could be well on his way to topping more lists in the next year.

According to Forbes, Sanford's net worth is $900 million.

You can read more about Sanford's donations at the Sanford Consortium website. 

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