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July 17, 2017 05:01 PM

Suspected Marijuana Wax Found In Package

Sioux Falls, SD

All it takes is a single package to bring tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs into South Dakota.  An investigation underway in Rapid City is proof. 

This latest investigation involves a significant amount of suspected marijuana wax.  Court papers explain what led up to the discovery.

The first clue: a package was sent priority mail.  Drug traffickers often spend extra money so they can track their packages and know exactly when they'll arrive. 

Another clue: a fake return address.  Senders often make up an address or list a vacant home so it can't be tracked back to them.  Court papers say that was the case with the package in question. 

The affidavit also says it had a lot of tape on the seams; investigators say that's often done to hide the smell of the narcotics.  

Once the package piqued their interest, investigators lined up three similar boxes and brought in a drug dog, which alerted investigators that it smelled narcotics in the package in question. 

At that point, investigators applied for a warrant and opened it up.

Inside they found 17 bags and 11 jars of suspected hash oil wax.  All together it weighs about two pounds.   

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