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September 13, 2017 07:29 AM

Supporters Aim To Bring Skatepark To Downtown Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls

Brandon Anderegg has been hitting the ramps for quite some time. With Drake Springs Skatepark under construction, he takes his board to Kuehn Park near Sertoma Avenue and West 41st Street. 

"(Skateboarding) is not like a video game where you beat it, or another sport where you win or lose, you can just keep going, you always have fresh ideas, new tricks to learn," Anderegg said. 

Yet these days, Anderegg isn't the only one under whelmed by the city's skateparks. 

"I've only really gotten to a certain level and the skateparks just don't help you get past that level," Anderegg said. 

That's the reason why former-skater Walter Portz created the Sioux Falls Downtown Skatepark Association.

"I think that our current skateparks don't offer a diverse enough pallette terrain-wise," says Portz. 

Portz owns a storefront at 8th and Railroad and he thinks he's found the perfect spot to give the scene a new place to call home. He says a shaded area underneath the 11th Street viaduct bridge is not only an under-utilized space, but it would add to the other city developments. 

"So you'd have benches and seating and different things, you'd have sculptural elements, it could add to kind of what's going downtown already," says Portz. 

Portz envisions a concrete park, unlike the city's wood and steel skateparks, similar to what he saw on a trip to Eugene, Oregon. 

"The benefits of concrete, it's a smoother ride, the transitions are a lot smoother and it's all-around better," says Anderegg. 

"There's enough designers out there, there's enough resources out there, that it's time that we can do it, and do it right and have something that will last twenty or thirty or forty years on its own," Portz said. 

Portz hopes to raise $500,000 to move the idea forward as well as gather support from the city. Anderegg agrees that fundraising is the next step for the project.

"I definitely hope we gain some momentum with this and just kind of excited to see what happens," says Anderegg.

For more information about the Sioux Falls Downtown Skatepark Association, visit their page on FacebookThe group will be hosting a meeting outside Studio Blu at 8th and Railroad Wednesday night at 7:30

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