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May 11, 2018 06:00 PM

State Parks Develop Plans To Deal With Emerald Ash Borer Concerns

Canton, SD

Officials have only confirmed that the emerald ash borer is on the north side of Sioux Falls.  To slow down the infestation, the Department of Ag issued an emergency quarantine for Minnehaha County as well as parts of Lincoln and Turner Counties.   

That means you can't move ash wood outside the area, which will impact campgrounds at state parks.  

Newton Hills State park is not in the quarantine area right now, but the emerald ash borer is still an issue.  The insect can be a hitchhiker.  If you move a log of wood that has this insect, you're moving the insect.  And once it gets to an ash tree, it can easily kill it.  

Friday afternoon, the assistant park manager said they'll have an eye on the firewood coming into this park. If it comes from a quarantined area, such as nearby Palisades State Park, it's not getting in. 

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