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June 12, 2016 11:57 PM

Spink County Commissioners Speak Out Against Borehole Project

Redfield, SD

Spink County leaders are speaking out on a controversial borehole drilling project.

County commissioners say they've made up their minds on the issue and they’re not planning on backing down anytime soon.

Spink County Commissioner Dave Albrecht is here to speak for most of the board when he says boreholes aren't welcome here. And he's got a letter to prove it. 

"Dear Sirs, after listening to citizens of Spink County speak out at three public organizations hosted by your organizations…," Dave Albrecht, Spink County Commission Chairman said, "…it is apparent that you do not have the support of Spink County in regards to your deep borehole field test."

The proposed experiment would assess whether nuclear waste could be stored deep underground in Spink County.  But Albrecht says most on the commission board are not for it.

"It was a consensus of the commission that support for this project is not here," Albrecht said.
Many have concerns about the effects of drilling on the environment they live in. 

"We don't want to become a nuclear waste site…These people are intelligent, hardworking people, and they don't want their life style messed with," Albrecht said.
And this county commissioner says he's here to be a voice for those who are frustrated.
"This is what it's all about. Telling them how we feel. How can you be any more honest than that," Albrecht said.
Spink County Commissioners mailed off the letters late last week, now they're just waiting on a response. 

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